Bro. Eli Soriano Quotes

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Share quotes on social media with the Bible as inspiration. Behind every sweet, sensible, and inspirational message are God's words in the Bible. Share Bro. Eli Soriano's words of biblical wisdom today!

  What Purifies the Soul
[ssba url="" title="What Purifies the Soul"]
  On Loving Those Who Do Not Love Us
[ssba url="" title="On Loving Those Who Do Not Love Us"]
  True Happiness and Contentment
[ssba url="" title="True Happiness and Contentment"]
  On Doing Good
[ssba url="" title="On Doing Good"]
  On Problems in Life
[ssba url="" title="On Problems in Life"]
  On Blogging
[ssba url="" title="On Blogging"]
  God Is Ready To Listen
[ssba url="" title="God Is Ready To Listen"]
  On His Intention in Blogging
[ssba url="" title="On His Intention in Blogging"]
  On Wisdom From the Bible
[ssba url="" title="On Wisdom From the Bible"]
  On Keeping Oneself Busy
[ssba url="" title="On Keeping Oneself Busy"]
  On The Words of God
[ssba url="" title="On The Words of God"]
  On Living Our Lives
[ssba url="" title="On Living Our Lives"]