Tune in to Bro. Eliseo Soriano's webcasts wherever you may be on the planet.

Be it a series revolving around a particular topic, a session solely for reading the Bible’s answers to various questions, or a dedicated time of prayer for all — know more about Bro. Eli’s webcasts and the languages they’re available in right here.



Bible Study

From scientific facts supporting the existence of God to biblical verses and logic proving the divinity of the Lord Jesus Christ, Bible Study sessions serve as an avenue for Bro. Eli to discuss in detail various topics of interest about faith and the Bible.

Available in different languages

Bible Exposition

“The Bible Will Answer. Ask Bro. Eli” has been the tagline of this live event that started in the early 90s. Within a minute or two after a guest asks their questions in person, Bro. Eli reads to them the Bible’s answer straight from its pages.

Available in different languages

Mass Indoctrination

Each indoctrination session touches the doctrines and examples left by the Lord Jesus Christ to the first-century Christians written in the Holy Scriptures and read by Bro. Eli to the event’s attendees.

Available in different languages

Global Prayer for Humanity

Apart from regular Community Prayer schedules, the Members Church of God International or MCGI holds a Global Prayer for Humanity each weekday at 9:30 a.m. EST in light of the many threats to life brought about by the coronavirus pandemic.

Available in different languages